In 1980, we started our business in Covelo. We thought it would be a great place to make a living. It was where we would go for the weekend and admire its beauty. Today we are in a newly developed small business park, operating from our new 15000 sq/ft State of the Art Building. Here we have a beautiful machine shop with latest technology of CNC Machines, an integrated overhead crane system, and all needed support equipment. Offices, production, assembly, repairs, and technical design are all under one roof. For over 20 years we have operated two companies through the same office. Round Valley Precision our second company, we have decided to retire starting in 2017 to help simplify things.

See our other website: www.cmtt.com which highlights our Mixing Head business.

Our Commitment

We use CNC milling and turning machines in our production. Most of our machines have two to eleven pallets and can be run unattended over night. This allows us to maintain a flexible production schedule, with a short setup time, to meet our customers' needs. We do prototype work (sometimes with our own engineering), low quantity and high volume production, if it is the right size part for our machines. We also make complete units, tested and ready to use for our customer. Our parts are used in many different industries. We have customers from the United States, Canada, and Europe. The rural area we live and work in is not a disadvantage. We get drawing and part files via the Internet from all over the world. Paper drawings are no longer needed if the part is computer designed. Using a variety of software, we can receive files from our customers and start the job right away. We get all the service we need in Covelo. UPS, FEDEX, and local trucking companies allow us to get tools and materials as fast as being in the Bay Area. To have top technical workers, we train local people and sometimes even send them to Germany for training. Our employees like the valley and stay with us. Consequently, we have nearly no turn over, which benefits both the worker and the company. With our flexibility and fast reaction to our customers' needs, well trained local workers, and our modern machines, we have been able to build up a very good reputation over the years.

Business Park

Our business park currently has sixteen parcels available. If you are interested in starting a business or have things to produce in any kind of industry, we have office and production space for rent. Contact us for more information.